— UU Arlington Online Attracts 47,000 Individuals From 65 Countries

September 23, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Church Without Walls | 1 Comment

Happy Birthday to UUCAVA.org, aka “Church Without Walls.”

There’s now no doubt that an online presence for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA (UUCAVA) and the contribution it makes to UUism is powerful.

Visitors from 155 countries checked out UUCAVA between our debut on Sept. 13, 2009 to the anniversary date this year.

From those countries there were 47,000 individuals who visited our site 99,800 times during the 12 months. They looked at about 370,000 pages on the site and spent 3 minutes and 28 seconds on average inside of it. This average length of time mirrors that of time spent by Internet users in general.

Let’s benchmark another metric: the number of total visitors to similarly sized sites. They attract an average total of 45,400, which means we attracted more than twice that number with 99,800. The average numbers of pages looked at per visit to our site, nearly four pages, is on par with the average page consumption of websites in general.

I’ve inserted images in this blog from a Google Analytics report of www.uucava.org. These tables and charts show a few more interesting statistics:

  • New vs. Returning Visitors: 53% of the 47,000 unique individual users, or about 25,000 individuals were returning visitors. 47% of the unique individuals, about 22,000 individuals, were NEW to the site
  • 65 Languages: The 99,800 total visits were from 65 country domains. That means the country of origin the visit was initiated from came from sites in other languages. Some 94,000 of the total 99,800 visits came from the USA. And about 4,000 visits from the total number were from the UK, most of which came from England. Third: France. Fourth: Denmark. Fifth: Spanish domains in the U.S. 117 visits
  • Traffic From Mobile Devices: 750 visits from iPhones; 237 from the Android; 153 from the iPad; and 122 from Blackberries; and 104 from iPods
  • 2.5 Times More Content Consumed: Compared to sites our size, the 370,000 pages viewed, represents 143% more activity of the same nature elsewhere.

If you believe that your participation in our online church doesn’t matter or that it’s not worth it, these statistics prove otherwise. When you actively practice your beliefs here, it makes a difference.

What do we do with all this information? The dept and breadth of UUCAVA’s reach indicates that  online lobbying tools for its activism should be introduced. Micro-financing (lending) has also been advocated for so that UUCAVA can raise money electronically for particular causes and to help individuals worldwide.

What does the power of our online church mean for RE for kids and adults? At the very least, if you have a Facebook page, whenever you see videos and content on this site that you are proud of and that believe will be of interest to your FB community, click the “Share” or “Facebook” link on that piece of content.

Meanwhile,  there’s new series of  how-to tutorials available to UUCAVA’s member for learning how to participate its Beloved Online Community. (Some of the tutorial links aren’t live yet because the tutorials will be coming later this week.) There’s now a “Help Tutorials” tab in the site wide navigation bar atop all of the site’s pages.

All UUCAVA members who are Facebook users have tremendous power to help UUCAVA  to draw new people to its online church. Clicking the “Share” and “Facebook” links on UUCAVA’s pages enables anyone – signed in or otherwise – to share. Please watch the tutorial, “Our Church and Facebook,” to understand the amount of influence that UUCAVA members can have. The statistics are a wonderful birthday gift that hopefully inspire UUCAVA’s congregation explore and take its online journey much farther.

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