— UUs in the USA 1990-2008: Socio-demographic Trends and Religious Patterns

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New posts on Rev. Christine Robinson’s iMinister blog take a look at the just released report on The American Religious Identification Survey. It is done about once a decade and involves about 50,000 residents of the U.S.A. in a telephone poll about their religion.  Results of the 2008 poll  was just released. It  has a number of interesting points for UU’s.   The information can be found here.

Here are a few tidbits from the report I find interesting:

“The Unitarian pattern tends to closely resemble that of American Nones, those who
profess no religion among whom 40% regarded themselves “secular” and 13% as “somewhat
secular” in 2001. However, the Nones perhaps not unexpectedly have a smaller proportion with a “religious” outlook (only 8%). Even more interesting is the finding that the UUA pattern (58% secular) also somewhat resembles that of America‟s Jews (i.e. persons who identify as Jewish-byreligion). Among these “religious” Jews, 44% describe their outlook as “secular” or ‘somewhat secular.’ “”


“In addition to the question of outlook, survey respondents were asked about their belief in God, belief in miracles, prayer, and the general benefit of a belief in God. When faced by the question: Do you agree or disagree that God exists? Almost one-fifth of Unitarians did not answer which may suggest some doubt. Among those UUA identifiers who did respond 72% of answered positively compared with 91% of Americans in general.Since the question about “God performs miracles” was asked only of those who agreed (either strongly or somewhat) that “God exists,” the pattern of answers is especially instructive. Many Unitarians who are believers are doubtful about God‟s power to perform miracles – almost 40% of the sample disagree (strongly or somewhat) that “God performs miracles” compared with only 11% of theistic American adults in general who disagree with this statement. Unitarians who believe in God are also by far less likely (60%) than Americans in general (86%) to agree that God helps me.
It underscores, yet again, that UUA self-identifiers are quite different in their religious worldview from other believers particularly the Christian majority and that they tend to be more skeptical. However, these findings also suggest that they are a heterogeneous group and tend to differ quite a bit among themselves on the fundamentals of religious faith.”

Rev. Robinson is blogging about the report in three posts:

1. First post
2. Second post
3. Third Post — a brief analysis

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