— When Anger Calls You to Minister

September 5, 2012 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Online Ministry | 1 Comment

My church is just a couple days away from officially starting a new church year and welcoming an interim minister. I’m looking forward to it. But oy vay, people I care about who are trying to do good works are leaving behind a difficult summer of church-relationships gone awry.

The he-said, she-saids accounts of angry email communications boggle me. People are distancing themselves from their friends and colleagues because they perceive those friends as acting up in immature ways. While I was away this summer, evidently no lay members stopped to check if those who are acting up are okay. And, indeed, they aren’t.

Ugly consequences of divorce and child custody have shaken one to his core. Family multi-generational tensions have dismantled another. My two friends who are normally calm, thoughtful, patient, caring people needed people to give them a break. I felt terrible for them and spent some time just listening to their woes.

Are we not called to run toward each other and not away when a friend doesn’t seem right?

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