— How the Cone Melts: Secrets of Sacred Ice Creams

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A few NewUU readers have asked if I’ve made the ice creams I’ve noted in verse format in a previous post. I have made them all, including Toasted Tick, whose name crawled into my head one day on Cape Cod. I just made that one a few days ago after a struggle with its ingredients.

I dug up my notes from this years’ editions and am posting them as a written witness to the prayers that were licked earlier.

Happy Memorial Day:

When it gets hot in Heaven on Earth, the hot eat ice cream – preferably organic, grass-fed and made by my loving hands.

From 2013 so far:

    1. Pope-Tweets, vanilla base with strawberry pop tart bits
    2. Bog Dog; pistachio base with bits of cranberry
    3. Toasted Tick; vanilla base with toasted coconut and chocolate sprinkles
    4. Worship Ahoy; vanilla base with blueberry swhirls
    5. Baked Swabby; raspberry base with chocolate covered pretzel bits
    6. Humblebrag; orange base with dark chocolate bits and splash of grand marnier, smidge of chili pepper
    7. Clipper Chip; vanilla base, macadamian slivers and white choco chips
    8. Mariner’s Munch; coffee base, heathbar bits smashed, chocolate covered fish cookies
    9. Mermaid Mounds; ginger base with cardamum , crystalized ginger bits
    10. Winslow White Chocolate; chocolate base with chunks of white chocolate
    11. Nickerson Nuggies; mint base, walnuts
    12. High Tide Twinkies;  Vanilla base, pound cake bits
    13. Barnstable Banana; Banana base, chocolate covered strawberry bits
    14. Back Bay Butter Rum; –the name says it all
    15. Avoca Jamoca; Chocolate base, chili pepper, almonds
    16. Sandcastle Sundays: blueberry base, dark chocolate covered almonds
    17. Horseshoe Crab Cookie; Cardamon base with bits of ginger snaps
    18. 1-click split; Orange base, chili pepper, ginger bits
    19. 5 Ways to Sundaes; Chocolate base, cherries, sprinkles, mini marshmallows and frozen banana bits
    20. Lusty Lemon; — name says it all but throw in a little canidied lemon rind
    21. UU Nuts; pistachio base, walnuts, macadamian slivers
    22. Conclave Coconut; Coconut base, pineapple bits
    23. Pius Pistachio; Vanilla base, pistachio bits
    24. Quilt Kix; Vanilla base, frango mint liquour chocolate covered coffee beans
    25. Thrall of it all; Chocolate base, Kahlua, white chocolate chunks, dash of cinnamon
    26. Lickalicious the 3rd; Chocolate base, dark chocolate brownie chunks, frozen banana
    27. Scoop Doggy Dog; Vanilla base, choco-covered pretzels, peanuts
    28. Coffee Clatch; Coffee base cinnamon and pinch of nutgmeg
    29. Clicques ‘n Sticks; Cherry base, vanilla cookie bits
    30. FU Money Mash; Mint base with green tint, bits of real mint, 85% bittersweet chocolate
    31. BWooStah BwowNie; Bwooberry base, chocolate truffle bits

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