— UUs Can Easily Fund a Movie That Makes White People Think About White Priviledge

June 3, 2013 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Online Ministry | Leave a comment

Multiculturalism, racism and white priviledge are topics that we UUs have been working on in our social justice and Journey Toward Wholeness programs. Now we can help ensure a new movie based on the work of anti-racist activist and author Tim Wise gets shown in this country. The movie, “White Like Me,” is a play on the title of the 1960s film, “Black Like Me,” about a white journalist who dons makeup to pass as black and then writes about the experience.

The screenplay for “Black Like Me” was co-written by Gerda Lerner, a mentor of mine whom I blogged about at her death in January 2013 in the post “When Mentors Die and New Ones Fly High.”

“White Like Me” is the “inside out” version of the 1960s film, causing viewers to reflect on what it means to be white. Many of the films interviewees find they are stumped by the question, having never considered what it means to be in the dominant demographic.

Through Kickstarter.com you can donate money to ensure the film is completed. You do have to register on the kickstarter.com site but it uses the trustworthy amazon.com payment system – a fact that may put more UUs at ease in using a credit card online at a site they’ve probably never transacted at before.

Watch a trailer for it here. Pledge on the project’s Kickstarter page. Let’s learn from Tim Wise’s efforts to get funding by appealing to citizens through a crowd-funding site that makes it easy for all of us to support innovative projects of all kinds.  I’ve made a donation. Now it’s your turn and tell your congregation about this.

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