— Are You a UU Innovator? Hold a Google Chat With Other Change Agents

June 7, 2013 at 3:44 pm | Posted in Online Ministry | Leave a comment
Carey McDonald, UU Millennial Innovator

Carey McDonald, UU Millennial Innovator

A group of religious educators and students, many of them millenials, gathered recently in a Google Chat to discuss how they can make an impact. They are innovators but feel resistance in their UU spheres. Carey McDonald, the director of Youth and Young Adult ministries lead the chat. Watch the video of this chat to hear what they are thinking and also to see how Google Chat works. You’ll likely see how easy it would be to extend your ministries to small group gatherings in real time with people in different locations.

In addition, Carey is one of several creators who also started an online ministry for students on campuses called Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Note to millenials in the video: It’s not just your age group that meets resistance when it comes to social media integration into religious education and church life! Sr. Minister Meg Riley of the Church of the Larger Fellowship has found it challenging. I too am frustrated. (See REACH: A UU Digital Ministry Program) Rev. Nate Walker of the UU Church in Philadelphia probably has some stories about his digital ministry. I wanted to click into this chat but was in meetings all day for work. Thanks for recording it and making it available to share. I think we have a chance for multigenerational collaboration. Whaddya think?

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