— There Once Was a UU From Nantucket …

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We are fair-weather sailors and when the sun shines and the winds blow, off to Nantucket we go.

Our love for the island is complicated though. Our suspicions from an observation last year are clear now. People of color on Nantucket are discriminated against and pretty blatantly. Nearly all servers, all tourist facing workers are white. Young college kids, migrant workers from Ireland, Eastern Europe and the UK take the jobs that benefit from tips. The people of color busing tables and working difficult jobs behind the scenes are practically invisible.

We attended a service at the Nantucket UU last summer whose theme touched on inequalities in our society. A congregant rose from the pews to remind everyone of the inequalities on their home turf.

Nantucket’s whaling history includes a significant population of people of color, and the present-day situation doesn’t do that history proud – or at least it increasingly seems that way to us.  Next time we go to Nantucket, I will ask to speak to managers of services business where only white people are present. I will ask them whether they’ve considered automatically adding a gratuity to all checks and then diving the centrally collected amounts, per se, among the employees fairly.

Anyway, Nantucket always reminds me of my father who wrote, among other items, limericks for Playboy magazine in the 1950s. Of course they were sexist. But truth  be told, my body of erotic poetry owes its existence to my……father. And NO, you ain’t gonna see any of it here.

But, here’s a nod to my father, who is slipping further down a path of dimentia that began 10 years ago. I love you dad.

There once was a UU from Nantucket

Whose hydrangeas grew in a bucket

She searched for love on the sea,

Inherent worth and dignity

And found it  back home in a pulpit


Meanwhile, the following popped into my head as wishful, faithful thinking. Sing it to the melody of “Oh Happy Day”

“Oh, happy day! Oh, happy daaaaaay!

When Jesus waaaaaashed (when Jesus washed)

When Jesus waaaaashed (when Jesus washed)

He washed my laundry today

Oh happy day! (oh happy day)

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